Welcome to the changelog of this site. I'll be using this page to keep a note of all the major changes I've made in timestamped chronological order. I can't really think of any real purpose this serves for you, the reader. I suppose this is mostly so I can keep track of the direction I was taking with the site, especially in the event of a prolonged hiatus of updates. A kind of save-file system and the folders to organize it.

And, perhaps owing to this apparent lack of utility, maybe I'll use this page to test out some css styling ideas. A big maybe on that. Let's see how it goes.

If you're looking for the attribution section that was here earlier, it's been moved here.

  • Changelog Update

    • Updated the changelog page to add the actual changelog.
    • The CRT style was inspired by this project in the more conceptual sense. The idea of a communication relay suspended in the void of space, receiving signals from the greater beyond—somehow inspired a sense of old analog technology (even though the realistic assumption, given the current trajectory of design and technology, would be a more space-age, sleek interface—although, the argument could be made that analog equipment may pose some advantages in longetivity and resilience)
    • The actual bones of the effect came from this blogpost, this codepen and this video (specifically, I learned the scan effect from the video)
    • Added the above links to the webcite page.
  • Panels Update

    • Added 1 more comic-series to the site: Picture This.
    • Added 3 more links to the Gallery of Webcomics:
    • With this change, there are 4 comic series in the gallery; 2 of which are hosted on the site (and underlined in orange on hover): The Land of Smirk and Picture this; while the other 2 are hosted outside the site (and underlined in blue on hover): Life-ATM and WDIAM (currently hosted on Comic Fury)
  • 404 Revamp

    • Edited the 404 page to add proper title and content.
    • Added styles to the base.css for the 404 page.
    • Realised that the 404 styles were not working because the class assigned to the elements on the 404 page started with a number (ie, 404), and that's not allowed in CSS; channeled this realisation into resolving the issue.
    • Added transitions to all buttons and link-elements.
    • Made the Land of Smirk base.css the universal stylesheet for all subsequent comic series; moved it to the main css folder.
  • Webcite

    • Implemented the Webcite page
    • Replaced Unpage with the Changelog and moved attributions section to the webcite page, expanded on the list, and re-designed it
    • Renamed the webcite.html to ©.html (just to be cool and fancy); and now that's a thing
    • Added one prose article (to describe the broader impulses and intentions behind the webcite function): prose/the-webcite-function
    • Fleshed out the content for the Webcite and Changelog pages
    • And some other things I can't remember.
  • Minor Updates

    • Fixed the number-list issue on the homepage (in mobile view).
    • And some other things I can't remember.
  • VER0.01

    • Uploaded the main site with the general template I created.
    • Uploaded the rarebit-augmented template to host the webcomics.
    • Revised the colour scheme of the comic-pages to match that of the homepage (and the rest of the main site).
  • ^--start--^