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About the Comic

Picture This was my second attempt at a steady webcomic (or single panel comic published on the web). It evolved out of and extended the core ideas (in format and philosophy) of the Land of Smirk, still very much in the same (aesthetic) universe.

The primary distinction being BeanGuy's service as an anchor of consistency across the panels. Although, astute viewers will notice a characteristic shift even there (an inconsistency, so to speak). It becomes apparent quite early. I've said too much already.

Also, a fair amount of time having passed between Vol 1 (which was much closer to the end of Land of Smirk; almost overlapping its run, iirc) and Vol 2 of Picture this. A lot happened in this time to evole and (dare I say it) mature my perspective. My appreciation of absurdity and its kin as the fundamental core of the cosmos was not surrendered, instead it was improved. Its connections to other concepts floating around in the collective subconscious (i.e., culture and social signal frameworks) became clearer and more tangible. This had the effect of improving the coherence of my expression of that absurdity I could see oh so clearly.

Suddenly, there was a point to the whole thing. A vague, obscure, even somewhat blurry point to it—but I had cultivated a sense of direction, at least. I could target my expression rather than simply spew like some drug-addled volcano having a million simultaneous epiphanies.

I think this clarity and focus is evident in the drastic shift in both art and content with the second volume. Don't get me wrong, there's still a fair amount of mental meandering and over-produced abstraction. But, I like to think at least, there was a sense of awareness—of the self and the goal.

Alright, that's enough self-indulgent rambling for now. So, as is apparently becoming tradition, I will leave you with the original description I'd jotted down for the comic, back at the outset of Vol 1:

"And it begins. Picture this is a random assortment of thoughts and images that sometimes decide to drop in on my mind unannounced. I don't know why they do so, but they just do. Maybe they find it amusing. I dunno. Anyway, to get back at them for it, I've decided to put them down as best as I can, and as human nature goes, attempt to derive deeper meaning from them. Occasionally, my comments -in the blue box- about them might seem to have no relevance to the picture; in this case, please note that they probably weren't meant to. Or just don't.

That's about all you need to know. Now get about to reading it. :]"

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